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How to choose an aromatherapy machine that suits you?

  How to choose an aromatherapy machine that suits you?

  Choosing the right aroma diffuser is crucial to creating the ideal aroma experience. Here are some key factors and suggestions to help you choose the diffuser that’s right for you:

  ①Aromatherapy machine type

  1. Traditional aromatherapy burner: uses essential oils and small candles for heating. It is affordable but requires frequent replacement of candles.

  2. Electronic aromatherapy machine: It uses a water tank and heater to diffuse essential oils into the air. It is simple to operate and lasts a long time.

  3. Ultrasonic aromatherapy machine: uses high-frequency vibration to convert water and essential oils into tiny molecule atomization, no heat source and silent.

  4. Atomized aromatherapy machine: Uses cold air technology to directly convert essential oils into particulate vapor, without the need for water or heat source.

  ② Aromatherapy machine size

  1. Small and portable: suitable for personal use or small spaces.

  2. Medium size: suitable for medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms.

  3. Large: suitable for offices or large event venues.

  ③Other functions

  1. Automatic shut-off function: prevent overheating or water tank drying out.

  2. Timing function: The working time can be set according to needs.

  3. Lighting function: Create a comfortable atmosphere.

  4. Remote control function: easy to control.

  scenes to be used

  Home: Create a relaxing atmosphere and improve air quality.

  Commercial places: Hotels, shopping malls, SPA and other large places use more powerful diffusers.

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