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  Fumigation method

  The incense method is the most popular and commonly used method for using essential oils.

  Usage: Use various incense devices to heat the fragrant essential oil molecules to disperse in the air, and then use breathing to achieve fragrant therapeutic effects. By mixing different essential oils and dropping them into the fragrance apparatus, different effects can be achieved, which helps to create different atmospheres.

  Effect: Essential oil is a free substance that can adhere dust and bacteria from the air to the substances inside the house, purify the air, and regulate emotions and nerves through fragrance.

  (1) Aromatherapy furnace and lamp incense method:

  Add 5 drops of essential oil to the water in the incense burner or incense lamp water container, heat the water temperature, and slowly release the essential oil molecules in the water.

  (2) Humidifier incense method:

  Add 5-8 drops of essential oil directly to the water tank of the humidifier, allowing the essential oil molecules to dissipate into the air with the water mist of the humidifier.

  (3) Heating machine incense method:

  Dip the cotton ball with aromatic essential oil and place it in the place where the heating pipe emits heat, so that the essential oil molecules can be distributed into the air with the heating.

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