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HDL-202A Mini Vacuum Cleaner

  HDL-202A Mini Vacuum Cleaner

  Model: HDL-202A;

  Power supply: DC5V/3W;

  Cleanning mode: Negative pressure suction;

  Machine size: 22*9*7cm;

  Pack size: 22.4*9*7cm;

  Pack detail: 75Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 70*47*37cm;

  Gross weight: 19kg/CTN;

  Loading information: 15750Pcs/20GP;



  HDL-202A Mini Vacuum Cleaner

  This mini vacuum cleaner is immaculately design, easy to use and safe. An ideal product for promotional purposes and gifts.

  To assemble, place the catch of the vacuum suction tip onto the groove-seat of the handle.

  Align the push-button on top-side of the suction tip before locking it in place with the heandle.

  Push button to start working.

  3 Batteries with 1.5V(use for home)

  HDL-202A Mini Vacuum Cleaner


  1.Push the Switch forward to turn ON the Vacuum cleaner.

  2.Aim the Nozzle at the place where you want to clean.

  3.Puch the Switch backwards to turn OFF the Vacuum cleaner.

  4.When the Storage Compartment of the Mii Vacuum cleaner is full, push the Release Button and pull the Nozzle down.

  5.Empty the contents into the bin and dispose. HDL-202A Mini Vacuum Cleaner

  6.Hook the edge of the Storage Compartment into the socket of the Mini Vacuum cleaner.

  7.Press the Release Button and pull the Nozzle upwards. A click will be heard to indicate that the Storage Compartment is firmly in place.

  HDL-202A Mini Vacuum Cleaner


  Use a clean wet cloth to clean the body of the device.

  HDL-202A Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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