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HDL-2030 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

  HDL-2030 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

  Model: HDL-2030;

  Power supply: DC4.8V/6W;

  Cleanning mode: Negative pressure suction;

  Machine size: 25*5*9cm;

  Pack size: 25.5*5.5*8.8cm;

  Pack detail: 80Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 53*36*58cm;

  Gross weight: 21.5kg/CTN;

  Loading information: 1296Pcs/20GP;



  Friends who keeping cats or dogs, I don't know if you have such trouble. Every season, the hair of small animals in the house starts to fly everywhere, beds, sofas, floors, etc; Even fly on the dining table while eating. It's really a headache thing (hard to deal with)!

  If not clean in time, will cause many problems after long time, so now I recommend a Pet Vacuum Cleaner.

  Since we keeping it, we must be responsible for our little pet. We can only compromise on cleanliness. But things always backfired. Brooms and mops don't work well. Bed gaps and other gaps are not reachable at all. This will cause mite breeding easily. At this point, a good Pet Vacuum Cleaner is very necessary.

  It is difficult to clean the hair and debris of cats or dogs with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Because the hair generates static electricity, it will adhere to sofas and sheets, which is very difficult to remove, so you must choose a special pet cleaner. This Pet Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a special floor brush, which can easily remove hair, debris and residues from the floor. In addition, there is an anti entanglement technology, with a unique comb strip structure, which can automatically comb and collect pet hair that entangled in the roller and brush them into the dust box. This also greatly reduces the cleaning difficulty of friends who keep pets at home. At the same time, an easy-to-use Pet Vacuum Cleaner also has the function of removing mites, which is very necessary for the health of owners and pets.

  This Pet Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Pet Vacuum Cleaner can clean pet hair

  2. Pet Vacuum Cleaner can massage pets

  3. Pet Vacuum Cleaner not only can collect dust for pet's hair, sand and dust, but also provide beauty and massage for

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