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HDL-218 UV-C Vacuum mite remover

  Model: HDL-218;

  Power supply: AC110-220V/30W;

  Mite removal mode: Negative pressure suction;

  Sterilization mode: UV-C light sterilization;

  Machine size: 29*33.5*16cm;

  Pack size: 33*18.5*33.5cm;

  Pack detail: 8Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 68*38.5*68.5cm;

  Gross weight: 25kg/CTN;

  Loading information: 1296Pcs/20GP;



  HDL-218 UV-C Vacuum mite remover, effective function to clean mites, dust, etc.

  1. UV-C Vacuum mite remover use strong beating vibration to shake the dust mites and non-fabric allergens in the deep layer of bedding;

  2. Eliminate bacteria through high-quality UV-C sterilization lamp;

  3. Use powerful motor and dust collection system to suck away all dust and residues;

  4. HEPA filter screen can ensure that residues will not escape;

  HDL-210 UV-C Vacuum mite remover machine can kill 99% of bacteria and eliminate almost 100% of dust mites. It has a specially designed high-speed beating vibration pad for cleaning mites in the deep layer of home fabric. It can be used to clean mattresses, sofas, chairs, futons, baby mattresses, bedding, pillows and curtains. It can create a healthier home in only three steps.

  Keep an HDL-210 UV-C Vacuum mite remover at, live a healther life.

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