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  HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper

  Model: HDL-369;

  Power supply: AC220V/13W;

  Mosquito attracting mode: UV light;

  Mosquito catchering mode: Fan wheel driving air flow;

  Machine size: 18*18*26.5cm;

  Pack size: 20*20*27cm;

  Pack detail: 6Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 63*42*29cm;

  Gross weight: 9.2kg/CTN;

  Loading information: 2352Pcs/20GP;



  Characteristics of HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper:

  ---Mosquito control with low noise and zero radiation;

  ---Ultraviolet light source for catching mosquitoes;

  HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper---Airflow and cyclone mosquito suction device;

  HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper---One way door design to prevent mosquitoes from escaping;

  Mosquitoes have a wide variety and distribution. Yellow fever, malaria, filariasis, dengue fever and other infectious diseases are mostly transmitted by mosquitoes. The proliferation of mosquitoes poses a serious threat to human health.

  However, mosquitoes are small and flexible, and the efficiency of artificial killing is low, which is unrealistic.

  HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper are specially designed to control mosquitoes. According to the habits of mosquitoes, ultraviolet light source is used to attract mosquitoes.

  The ultraviolet lamp tube used in indoor and outdoor mosquito killing lamps can emit ultraviolet rays consistent with the sensitive frequency of mosquitoes, attracting mosquitoes to fly close to the lamp tube.

  The machine is equipped with fan blades and adopts pneumatic spiral structure design. When the blades rotate, strong suction airflow will be generated. HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper

  When mosquitoes are attracted by ultraviolet light and close to the lamp tube, they will be sucked in by the air flow generated by the rotation of fan blades. At the same time, the one-way door of the bottom bin is pushed open by the air flow, and the mosquitoes are sent to the bottom bin by the air flow. HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper

  HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper, When the fan works, the strong air flow will prevent mosquitoes from flying upward; When the fan stops working, the one-way door closes automatically to effectively prevent mosquitoes from escaping.

  This machine realizes pure physical mosquito control. The ultraviolet lamp we use is harmless to human body. Moreover, the machine does not need to add any chemicals during operation, so there are no side effects.

  HDL-369 Mosquito Trapper can effectively capture and kill mosquitoes, prevent disease transmission and effectively protect people's health.

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