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HDL-606A Water Wash Air Humidifier

  Model: HDL-606A;

  Power supply: AC110-240V/13W;

  Filtration mode: Water curtain filtration;

  Cover area: 10-35㎡;

  The Water tank capacity: 1800ml;

  Machine size: 21.5*21.5*18cm;

  Pack size: 22*22*19cm;

  Pack detail: 12Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 66*45*40cm;

  Gross weight: 14kg/CTN;

  Loading information: 2760Pcs/20GP;



  Working principle:

  The water is sucked by the siphon and rises to the high-speed rotating impeller, then thrown out at high speed to form a water curtain like raining. The high-speed splashed water droplets hit the water tank wall, like the waterfall hitting the rock. The water will produce a large number of negative oxygen ions while atomizing.

  The high-speed rotating impeller accelerates the air flow. The water mist and negative oxygen ions produced by the water droplets hitting the water tank wall spread rapidly in the air and spread all over the whole room with the air flow.

  Add an appropriate amount of essential oil into the water of Water Wash Air Humidifier, along with the water impact atomized, the essential oil molecules will also spread rapidly throughout the whole room, so as to achieve the effect of fully aromatherapy.

  Dry air has all kinds of bad effects on people's life. Only moist air is a good living environment. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep a humidifier with good humidification effect at home. Like HDL-606 Water Wash Air Humidifier.
  HDL-606A Water Wash Air Humidifier is a very nice humidifier with the following function:
  1. Remove allergens and other unwanted particles from the air.

  2. Use plant extracts to eliminate bacteria, molds, dust mites and other harmful microorganisms. Good for HDL-606A Water Wash Air Humidifier!

  3. Eliminate unpleasant smell and replace it with fresh and natural smell.

  4. Humidify the air to a certain humidity level, so as to relieve your skin and respiratory system and, to get the maximum comfort. HDL-606A Water Wash Air Humidifier is great!

  5. The scrubbing effect naturally ionizes the air. Nice HDL-606A Water Wash Air Humidifier!

  6. Combined with HDL plant essential oil, it can send out fragrance to the air and make the air fragrant and fresh; Better to have an HDL-606A Water Wash Air Humidifier!

  All this can be done within a few minutes after turn on the HDL-606A Water Wash Air Humidifier.

  And nourish you and your loved persons from today, and enjoy cleaner, fresher and healthier air. With HDL-606 Water Wash Air Humidifier!

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