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     HDL-639 Steaming Cooker

  Model: HDL-639;

  Power supply: AC110/220V/1500W;

  Multifunction: Cooking , Steaming;

  Machine size: 32*32*32cm;

  Pack size: 38.4*38.4*27.4cm;

  Pack detail: 4Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 80*40*57.5cm;

  Gross weight: 21kg/CTN;

  HDL-639 Steaming Cooker


  1. Healthy Electronic Manufacture steamer;

  2. New fashin trend: Stewing by steam, making food tender and healthy, with little oil, little solt and little aginomoto;

  3. Healthy: Non-smoke cooking, nutrition mantaining steaming food;

  4. Practical: Steaming quikly, only needing 15 mins;

  5. Energy saving and effectviely: Offering hot by steam;

  6. Individual two stainless steel layers: the first is for Yam/Potato/Kitchen/Fish/Marin Kitchen/Pork ribs/Seafood, the second layer is for rice porride with delicious juice from the first layer

  HDL-639 Steaming Cooker

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