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HDL-961 Intelligent HEPA Air Purifier
HDL-961 Intelligent HEPA Air Purifier

  Model: HDL-961;

  Power supply: AC110-240V/36W;

  Sterilization mode: UV-A light sterilization;

  Filtration mode: HEPA Composite filter screen;

  Cover area: 25-70㎡;

  Machine size: 27.5*27.5*45.5cm;

  Pack size: 31*31*51.5cm;

  Pack detail: 2Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 65*32*52.5cm;

  Gross weight: 11kg/CTN;

  Loading information: 504Pcs/20GP;



  HDL-961 Intelligent HEPA Air Purifier is an effective air purifier with intelligent function: Intelligent detecte the air quality, color light display the air quality: good, medium and poor. The air outlet is designed to a cyclone structure, which stirs the indoor air constantly to accelerate the purification effect. HEPA composite filter screen, anion purification, UV lamp sterilization. Titanium dioxide + UV lamp reaction can effectively oxidize and decompose harmful organic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Adding essential oil makes fragrance pervades of life.

  This HEPA Air Purifier intelligent detection: Unique automatic mode, which can intelligently identify the air quality and select the corresponding purification program automatically;

  This HEPA Air Purifier has intelligent control: New touch control and enjoy distinguished remote control function;

  This HEPA air Purifier has composite filter screen: Special silver intercepting activated carbon filter screen, which can effectively remove harmful impurities such as formaldehyde and PM2.5;

  This HEPA Air Purifier has Negative ions: With the negative ions generate unit, High concentration negative ions quickly clean the air and remove peculiar smell;

  This HEPA Air Purifier has a built-in round honeycomb ceramic rod, and the surface is sprayed with nano anatase titanium dioxide, work with essential oil is able to efficiently oxidize and decompose harmful organic substances.

  Keep an HDL-961 Intelligent HEPA Air Purifier at home, live with fresh air!

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