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HDL-969U Water Wash Air Humidifier
HDL-969U Water Wash Air Humidifier

  Model: HDL-969U;

  Power supply: AC110-240V/20W;

  Sterilization mode: UV-C light sterilization;

  Filtration mode: Water curtain filtration;

  Cover area: 10-35㎡;

  The Water tank capacity: 1100ml;

  Machine size: 21*21*33cm;

  Pack size: 25*25*34.5cm;

  Pack detail: 6Pcs/CTN;

  CTN size: 76.5*52*36cm;

  Gross weight: 13.5kg/CTN;

  Loading information: 1200Pcs/20GP;



  Working principle:

  When Water Wash Air Humidifier working, The water is sucked by the siphon and rises to the high-speed rotating impeller, then thrown out at high speed to form a water curtain like raining. The high-speed splashed water droplets hit the air flow pipe wall, like the waterfall hitting the rock. The water will produce a large number of negative oxygen ions while atomizing.

  In Water Wash Air Humidifier, The high-speed rotating impeller accelerates the air flow. The water mist and negative oxygen ions spread rapidly in the air and spread all over the whole room along with the air flow, to achieve the humidifying.

  Add an appropriate amount of essential oil into the water of Water Wash Air Humidifier, along with the water impact atomized, the essential oil molecules will also spread rapidly throughout the whole room, so as to achieve the effect of fully aromatherapy.

  Water Wash Air Humidifier has the following function:

  1, Kill harmful bacteria and virus in the air, prevent various diseases;

  2, Completely remove the odor in the air (Smoke smell, Pet smell, Toilet smell, etc.), form a fresh air environment; Good for Water Wash Air Humidifier!

  3, Effectively remove dust, pollen and suspended particles in the air; Nice Water Wash Air Humidifier;

  4, Decomposite and neutralizate the harmful gas air pollution caused by indoor decoration from the source ( sunch as formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases); Water Wash Air Humidifier is great!

  5, With natural micro humidification function, suitable for air conditioning room;

  6, Work with HDL plant essential oil, make you feel like immersed in the flower sea;

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