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Air purifier and aromatherapy machine used together

  Air purifier and aromatherapy machine used together

  In modern life, air quality and comfortable atmosphere are equally important. The reasonable combination of air purifiers and aromatherapy machines can provide double care for the indoor environment by "removing pollution first and then adding fragrance", allowing family members to enjoy clean and pleasant high-quality air.

  1. The function of air purifier

  The air purifier removes PM2.5, smoke, allergens and other harmful substances in the air through multiple filtration systems.

  Some models also have multiple purification functions such as formaldehyde removal and sterilization.

  2. The function of aromatherapy machine

  Aromatherapy machines use ultrasonic waves to atomize water and natural essential oils to release aromatic molecules.

  Essential oils can not only create a comfortable atmosphere, but also have aromatic healing, mood-regulating and other effects.

  3. Advantages of using both together

  The air purifier filters pollutants in the air and creates a clean environment for the aromatherapy machine.

  Aromatherapy machines release natural essential oil molecules, adding natural fragrance to the air-purified environment.

  4.Usage skills

  First turn on the air purifier to thoroughly filter the indoor air.

  After the air has been purified for a period of time, turn on the aromatherapy machine to diffuse the essential oil fragrance.

  Stagger the use time to avoid waste caused by working at the same time.

  Air purifiers can effectively filter indoor air pollutants, while aromatherapy machines can inject natural fragrance into the purified environment. The two complement each other. By using it correctly, your family can work and live in a clean and pleasant air environment, and enjoy physical and mental relaxation.

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