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The difference between aromatherapy machine and diffuser

  The difference between aromatherapy machine and diffuser

  Although both aromatherapy machines and diffusers can bring pleasant fragrance to the space, there are obvious differences in their working principles, usage methods and applicable scenarios. Here are the main differences between the two:

  1. Different working principles

  The aromatherapy machine uses ultrasonic oscillation technology to atomize and diffuse a mixture of water and essential oils.

  The aroma diffuser uses two-fluid atomization technology, using compressed air to directly atomize pure essential oil into nano-sized particles for diffusion.

  2. Different media used

  Aromatherapy machines require a mixture of water and essential oils.

  The diffuser uses pure essential oil directly without adding water.

  3. Different aroma diffusion effects

  Aromatherapy machines diffuse the scent of water mist mixed with essential oils, and the scent is relatively light.

  The diffuser diffuses pure essential oil particles, making the fragrance richer and more pure.

  4. Different applicable scenarios

  Aromatherapy machines are suitable for use in small areas such as homes and small commercial places.

  The diffuser is suitable for large commercial places such as hotels, shopping malls, etc., and has a wider diffusion range.

  Different structures and materials

  Aromatherapy machines are generally made of PP material and are specially designed for essential oils.

  The diffuser structure is more complex and requires a compressed air system.

  Generally speaking, aroma diffusers are more suitable for personal use at home, while diffusers are more suitable for commercial use in large spaces. There are obvious differences in working principles, usage media, diffusion effects and applicable scenarios. Choosing the right product can meet different fragrance needs.

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