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How to use the lobby diffuser

  How to use the lobby diffuser

  The lobby diffuser is an important equipment for creating a comfortable and elegant environment, especially in public places such as hotels and shopping malls. In order to make more effective use of the lobby diffuser, the following are detailed usage methods:

  1、 Preparation work

  Open box inspection: After receiving the lobby diffuser, first check if the packaging is intact, and open the packaging to confirm that the diffuser has no damage to the appearance and all accessories are complete.

  Choose a location: Choose a location with good air circulation to place the diffuser, to ensure that the aroma can spread evenly to all corners of the lobby.

  2、 Installation and Connection

  Install the diffuser: Install the diffuser firmly according to the selected position. If it is wall mounted, it is necessary to ensure that the hanging bracket is firm; If it is floor standing, it should be placed on a stable ground.

  Connect the power supply: Insert the power cord of the fragrance expander into the corresponding socket and ensure that the power supply is stable.

  3、 Adding fragrance oil

  Choose fragrance oil: Choose the appropriate fragrance oil based on the style of the lobby and customer needs. Aroma oil should have the characteristics of freshness and fragrance, while avoiding being too strong.

  Adding fragrance oil: Open the fragrance oil bottle cap of the diffuser, slowly pour in the fragrance oil, and then tighten the bottle cap to prevent oil leakage.

  4、 Set working mode

  Set time: Reasonably set the working time of the aroma diffuser based on the pedestrian flow and time period in the lobby. For example, during peak hours from 10am to 10pm, the diffuser can be set to operate continuously or intermittently.

  Set intensity: Adjust the working intensity of the diffuser according to the size of the lobby space and aroma requirements. Avoid overly strong or weak aroma to ensure pleasant aroma in the lobby.

  5、 Maintenance and upkeep

  Regular inspection: Regularly check the working status of the diffuser to ensure its normal operation. If any abnormal situation is found, it should be promptly handled or professional personnel should be contacted for repair.

  Cleaning and replacing components: Regularly clean the interior and exterior of the diffuser according to usage, and replace aging components to extend the lifespan of the diffuser.

  In short, proper use and maintenance of the lobby diffuser are crucial for creating a comfortable environment. By following the above usage methods, you can better utilize the lobby diffuser to provide guests with a pleasant aroma experience.

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