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What should you pay attention to when using an aroma diffuser?

What should you pay attention to when using an aroma diffuser?

  I believe everyone uses aromatherapy machines in their lives. If you are in an office, you may feel that the air is much fresher. If you are at home, you will feel that the air is more comfortable.

  So for friends who use aromatherapy machines, they will want to know how to use and pay attention to the aromatherapy machine? And how to use the aromatherapy machine to achieve the best effect?

  How to use aromatherapy machine

  1. Turn on the switch of the aromatherapy machine, and be careful not to place it in a place with a heat source.

  Generally, aromatherapy machines are used together with humidifiers, and they also play a humidifying role.

  2. When using an aromatherapy machine, we should pay attention to the amount of essential oil used. Because essential oils have a certain shelf life, we can’t use them too much or too little, otherwise they won’t have any effect.

  Because there is a lot of water in the aromatherapy machine, we must be careful not to fill it too full when adding water.

  Under normal circumstances, it depends on the maximum water-soluble amount of the aromatherapy machine. It is best not to exceed the range, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment or poor effect.

  4. If it is used for humidification, we usually use it to humidify before going to bed. This can maintain a certain humidity in the room, which is better for the human body.


  1. Do not place the aroma diffuser directly on wooden, glass or metal surfaces, otherwise it will be easily scratched.

  2. Do not place the aroma diffuser on sharp or protruding objects, otherwise it will affect its normal operation.

  3. Essential oils cannot be added directly to the aromatherapy machine. If this happens, the essential oils must be taken out, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

  4. Do not place anything on the machine, otherwise it may cause damage to the machine.

  5. If you want to use it, add water above the water level line, so that the water can flow evenly inside the machine.

  6. If the machine is not used for a long time, pour out the water inside to avoid machine problems caused by water drying out.

  7. When using an aromatherapy machine, it is best to put a few drops of water-soluble essential oils to make the air fresher. If you don’t have essential oil, you can add some purified water or cool boiled water instead.

  How to choose fragrance

  When choosing an aromatherapy machine, you must pay attention to the fragrance of the aromatherapy machine, choose a flavor that suits you, and pay attention to the concentration and duration of the fragrance. It should not be too strong or too light. If you choose a fresher and more elegant scent, you can put it in the bathroom or kitchen. If you want to buy an aromatherapy machine, you must first understand its functions and features, as well as its price and quality. Only in this way can you buy an aromatherapy machine that is of good quality and cost-effective.

  Usage scenarios of aromatherapy machines

  If it is used in the office, everyone can actually use an aroma diffuser, because there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the air in the office. In this case, we can use an aroma diffuser to purify the air. In addition, if used at home, everyone can actually use an aromatherapy machine to purify the air.

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