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What is the difference between an aromatherapy machine, a diffuser, and a diffuser?

  What is the difference between an aromatherapy machine, a diffuser, and a diffuser?

  In today's pursuit of quality of life, aromatherapy products are becoming increasingly popular among people. Aromatherapy machines, aromatherapy stones, and aromatherapy machines are three common aromatherapy products in the market, each with its own characteristics and suitable for different scenarios and needs. Next, let's take a detailed look at the differences between these three and how to choose the appropriate aromatherapy products in different space sizes.

   The difference between aromatherapy machines, aromatherapy stones, and aromatherapy machines

  1. Aromatherapy machine:

  Working principle: By using ultrasonic vibration technology, essential oils and water are mixed to form a nanoscale cold mist, thereby achieving a rapid diffusion of fragrance.

  Applicable scenarios: The aromatherapy machine has a comprehensive range of applicable spaces, covering from small spaces of a few square meters to large spaces of hundreds to thousands of square meters.

  Advantages: Fast diffusion effect, wide coverage, and the ability to adjust concentration and time as needed.

  2. Fragrant stone:

  Material: Generally, natural or non natural materials are used, such as crystals, volcanic rocks, ceramics, gypsum, etc.

  Working principle: By natural evaporation, the essential oil adsorbed on the expanding stone is slowly released into the air.

  Applicable scenarios: Suitable for small spaces such as desks, bedside tables, wardrobes, bathrooms, car interiors, or for carrying around. The distance for spreading incense is limited, usually only about one meter.

  Advantages: Easy to use, no need for power, convenient to carry.

  3. Aroma expander:

  Note: The so-called "diffuser" in the market is actually a type of aromatherapy machine, so its working principle and application scenario are similar to aromatherapy machines.

  Advantages: Similar to aromatherapy machines.

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