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Where is the aromatherapy machine located in the hotel lobby?

  Where is the aromatherapy machine located in the hotel lobby?

  The placement of the aromatherapy machine in the hotel lobby can be determined by multiple factors, including the layout of the lobby, the volume and aroma index of the aromatherapy machine, and the atmosphere that the hotel hopes to create. Here are some suggested placement locations:

  1. Central position: If the hotel lobby space is relatively spacious, it can be considered to place a larger aromatherapy machine in the center, which can make the entire space filled with fragrance. This layout is particularly suitable for large lobbies with good air circulation.

  2. Corners or Concealed Places: In order not to affect the overall aesthetics of the lobby, the aromatherapy machine can also be placed in concealed positions such as corners, wall corners, high places, or tops. This can evenly distribute the aroma without damaging the decorative style of the lobby.

  3. At the entrance or above the revolving door: Some hotels may choose to place an aromatherapy machine at the entrance or above the revolving door, so that guests can feel the pleasant aroma and leave a deep impression as soon as they enter the door.

  4. Distributed layout: For particularly large lobbies or those with irregular shapes and multiple independent areas, it is possible to consider distributing multiple small aromatherapy machines in a distributed manner to ensure even distribution of aroma.

  When selecting the placement position of the aromatherapy machine, it is also necessary to consider the power and coverage range of the aromatherapy machine to ensure its full effectiveness. At the same time, regular maintenance and replacement of spices in the aromatherapy machine are also key to maintaining a long-lasting and fresh aroma.

  In general, the placement of aromatherapy machines in the hotel lobby should be determined based on the actual situation of the lobby and the specific needs of the hotel, in order to achieve the best aroma effect.

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